The Forum’s affairs are managed by a Council of Management. The current Council of Management (2023-2026) comprises

  • Mr. M. R. Shroff
  • Mr. H.P. Ranina
  • Mr. Dileep Choksi
  • Dr. Mukund Rajan
  • Mr. S. S. Bhandare*
  • Mr. Anil Kamath
    Hon. Treasurer
  • Mr. Raman Jokhakar
    Jt. Hon. Treasurer
  • Mr. F.N. Subedar
  • Mr. Syamal Gupta**
  • Mr. F.K. Kavarana
  • Mr. Kanu H. Doshi
  • Mr. Ashok Ravat
  • Mr. Raghav Narsalay
  • Dr. Amitha Sehgal
  • Miss Piya Mahtaney
  • Mr. Yogesh Thar
  • Dr. B. K. Bhoi
  • Mr. Malav Dani
  • Mr. Arvind Datar (Chennai)
  • Mr. Santosh Nedungadi (Bengaluru)
  • Mr. Shrinivas Dempo (Goa)
  • Mr. S. Divakara (Bengaluru)

Mr. S. S. Bhandare passed away on 5th February 2022

Mr. Syamal Gupta passed away on 1st April 2022


A.D. Shroff (1899 – 1965)

Ardeshir Darabshaw Shroff was one of those rare gifted individuals who leave an indelible mark on their environment and an impress on the hearts and minds of those who come across them. When the history of India’s industrial development, particularly industrial finance, is written, his name will figure prominently. But that was not the only area wherein he excelled. His contribution to economic thinking and public education in economic affairs was equally significant.

Shroff was a champion of free enterprise and a great leader of business and industry and an economist whose predictions have proved right over the years. Despite Shroff’s open opposition to the Congress’s economic policy, he was appointed by the Congress President Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as a Member of the National Planning Committee set up in 1938, under the Chairmanship of Pandit Nehru.

After graduating from the University of Bombay and the London School of Economics, Shroff started as an apprentice at the Chase Bank, London. On return to India he joined the firm of stock brokers in Bombay, Batliwalla & Karani. As a partner of this firm, he gained increasing recognition in corporate circles and came in close contact with several Tata Directors, particularly the Chairman, Sir Nowroji Saklatwala. This eventually led to his being invited to join the House of Tatas. In1940 he joined the Board of Tatas and became their Financial Advisor.

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